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Product Descriptions

All of our products may be custom-blended to suit individual needs. All products are made with the highest-quality ingredients available to ensure the best results. The essential oils used are therapeutic-grade certified organic, and the hemp is full spectrum-tested (Tested Clinical Grade starting 250 No GMO THC<0.03 percent).

Product customization includes a full consultation and follow-up. Consultations may be in person or over the phone, depending on customer needs. When blending makeup, I can blend in person or by phone, in which customers will take three pictures in natural light and send images by phone. Products are then mailed to the customer.

Blended Oils

Cost ranges from $65.00 to $150.00

  • Hair Oil — 3oz. use on wet or dry hair — may promote luscious hair
  • Roll on — 10ml — blended to meet individual needs of each person 
  • Tincture — 2.5oz placed under the tongue — 2-3 drops

Makeup Products

Cost ranges from $40.00 to $90.00

  • Foundations — 2.5oz liquid or powder — Custom-blended to match any skin tone — may add extra moisture along with essential oils and hemp.
  • Concealers — 5 ml — may help cover dark circles and blemishes. Custom-blended 
  • Face Serum — 5 ml — wear under makeup or over makeup. May help to diminish fine lines
  • Face Serum Illumination — 5 ml —May be worn without makeup. Illuminates the skin and may help promote increased moisture.

CThree Pricing

Hair oil 3oz - $85.00

Essential oil cbd roller 10ml - $65.00

Make up Liquid/or Mineral 2oz - $60.00

Face Serum 5ml 1.2 x 0.6 - $40.00

Tintures 1000 - 1400mg - $109.00 to $120.00

Roll on 500 -1000mg - $65.00 to $109.00

Nerve Pain Balm - 1 oz - $69.00 - 2 oz - $139.00 - 4 oz - $250.00

Vape Cartridges - $35.00 - with battery - $45.00

CBD Capsules 30-40 - 35mg - $60.00 to $65.00

CBD Dog Treats 10mg - for small to medium dogs -$20.00

Custom Blended CBD Make - up - $65.00 to $90.00

ALL CUSTOM ORDERS TO BE DETERMINED. Veterans always get 10% off their orders! ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Delivery available.

Base price includes two certified organic essential oils with full-spectrum CBD hemp extract (tested clinical grade starting 250 no gmo thc<0.03%)

Additional cost may be added for increased ingredients and needs of individual blends.

Custom-Created CBD Blends for Your Unique Health Needs

Our Happy Customers

“Both my daughter and I have tried the illumination/serum. It's awesome. My daughter tried the makeup n loves it, also the healing essentials. We highly recommend C-3.” — Olga R. (Santa Maria)

“The amazing Cthree products that are custom blended to your needs are life changing! I use the makeup, cover-up, face serum, hair oil and tincture! Jonna blends essential oils with high grade CBD oil into every product! My hair is fuller, wrinkles and anxiety levels lowered! Luv it.” Traci B. (Shell Beach)

“I have tried a lot of over the counter CBD solutions, including some of Amazon's top rated but never noticed any effects at all. Until trying a sample of C Three I was beginning to believe the CBD "hype" was just that, another fly by night trend. C Three is the real deal! When using their CPD products, I feel almost instant stress relief! There is NO THC or cannabis in Cthree products only essential custom blended oils & CBD.” — Brad K. (Paso Robles) 

“I started using the CBD oil to rub on my neck and back where I have inflammation due to arthritis and degenerative disc disease. In addition to using the oils for inflammation, I have been using the tincture twice daily as it helps with nerve pain. I was have been able to cut my pain medications in half. Highly recommend. Great products.” — Roger D. (Nipomo)

“I am 84 years old and have severe diffused idiopathic skeletal hypertosis (DISH arthritis). I have had severe pain in my knee for some time now and normally wouldn't try anything unless the doctor recommended it. My son brought me over some CBD essential oils to rub on my skin where my knee hurts. After three applications in one day, the pain had subsided and I was able to walk with not too much discomfort. I just can't believe it works so good. Thank you CThree Wellness. I love it.” — Dorothy D. (Arroyo Grande)

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